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The Big Concerns in Corporate Learning

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In January, we went to the floor at ATD TechKnowledge 2015 to ask the people on the front lines of corporate learning about the challenges and opportunities they face on a daily basis. During our conversations, we noticed three distinct types of respondents.

The Debater. It was pretty common to see someone ponder the question for several minutes. It was also common for people to initially say all the options were challenges and then narrow down the debate to two choices while talking us through their thought process. These individuals provided us with valuable insights about the various challenges.

The Safe Bet. Some respondents didn’t hesitate for a second when telling us about their biggest concerns. They were quick to point out that while other areas might be pain points for the overall organization, the specific issues that they live and breathe on a daily basis were very easy to define.  Conversations with this group gave us a clear understanding about those pain points and also a good understanding of how people in various roles responded.

The Role-Based. Some of the more interesting discussions happened when we had multiple respondents from the same organization come and talk to us. It was common for groups of three or more to launch into a debate amongst themselves—sometimes giving the impression that these discussions had not taken place already at the office—and then land on personal pain points based on their individual roles.

Many respondents could make a case for almost any of the choices being a pain point for their organization, but when it came down to what they felt was the top concern, we clearly saw two top responses emerge.

The Big Concerns in Corporate Learning [Infographic]


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