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Brightspace LMS for Corporate Learning

Build skills that drive results, improve talent attraction and enhance employee retention with the Brightspace LMS for corporate training. Partner with experts in learning science to engage, upgrade and retain your workforce with seamless training experiences.

1. Build skills that drive results

With skills development beyond just content consumption, Brightspace can supercharge your corporate learning strategy through on-the-job training. Help ensure your learners achieve true skills mastery while driving real business outcomes through the Brightspace LMS.

Unlock organizational knowledge.

Empower and enable your workforce by turning your company’s siloed tribal knowledge into core skills. With Brightspace, organisational subject matter experts can easily create their own content and share their learning experiences with others.

Screenshot of OSHA Training course on laptop

Transform knowledge into skills.

Create learning activities that enable employees to practice and demonstrate their skills mastery. Tap into video assignments and game-based learning, use simulations to rehearse key skills with role plays, and gather retrospectives on projects and individual reflections on key learning.

Screenshot of Brightspace video features on tablet

Sharpen performance with meaningful feedback.

Help your employees master new skills with meaningful feedback delivered at the point of learning. Brightspace makes it easy for peers and organisational subject matter experts to provide personal feedback using video, audio, and in-line annotations and to automatically send feedback to boost employee motivation and keep them on track for success.

Illustration of a bar graph

Use data to improve learning outcomes.

You can use our LMS to hone your learning strategy, make better decisions about your organisation’s learning and development programs, and drive better business results using the built-in analytics tools within Brightspace. Critical learning metrics help keep your learning programs on track, while alerts allow you to monitor trends and act swiftly on employee performance and engagement.

2. Improved employee talent attraction and retention

You’re driven to help your learners succeed. So are we. Provide an engaging and immersive corporate e-learning platform for your employees.

Accelerate time to productivity.

Onboard new hires and fast-track a new employee’s skills development by using Brightspace to create personalised learning experiences tailored to individual learners.

Release content and activities automatically based on individual learner progression.
Make it easy for learners to discover learning opportunities.
Provide personalised, guided learning pathways.
Give learners the ability to self-enroll in the next stage of learning.
Activity Feed screenshot

Connect, engage, and inspire your staff with social learning.

Build a connected and social learning experience with the Brightspace platform. Using the activity feed and discussions tools within the LMS, learners can comment on learning and share insights and learning reflections with peers and managers. Leverage Social Assessment to give and receive meaningful input through peer reviews and video-based feedback.

Screenshot of course and awards in Brightspace

Reward learning achievements.

Help motivate learners and fire up their competitive nature with badges, certificates, and awards. Or use the automation features within Brightspace to give learners a helpful nudge should their progress slow or stall.

Illustration of hands up with books

Create inclusion through accessibility.

Further your inclusion strategy by ensuring that learning is available to every employee of every ability. Brightspace is built from the ground up to be accessible, leveraging universal design for learning (UDL) principles.

In fact, organizations such as the National Federation of the Blind and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) rely on us for our inclusive culture, empathetic service, and steady support.

3. Reliable technology

Get up and running quickly with great plug-and-play technology. Easy to implement. Easy to support. Brightspace is a learning management system that even your IT team will love.

Illustration of a globe with a lock icon overlayed

Depend on industry-leading security.

Rely on D2L’s impressive track record of security leadership. Your critical data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and D2L is a leader in the industry with ISO27001 and ISO27018 certifications. We are a proud member of the Cloud Security Alliance. Rest assured you’re in good hands.

Easily integrate into your IT and learning ecosystem.

Streamline your tech stack with one centralised learning system that integrates into your existing IT and learning ecosystem. Brightspace supports open standards and APIs, which means our platform works seamlessly with your existing tools. This allows users to easily drag and drop multiple forms of content into the system, including materials from third-party storage services and content providers. The LMS also offers easy access to your organisation’s data through APIs and downloadable data sets, allowing you to incorporate timely insights into your existing workflows.

Illustration of buildings

Don’t stress about downtime.

Brightspace consistently delivers 99.9% uptime and the industry’s best architecture for disaster recovery. Even the monthly updates and enhancements to the Brightspace platform are delivered without downtime. This means no headaches for your IT and learning and development teams and a flawless user experience for learners. Updates are predictable and totally in your control. You decide when to turn them on.

Enable learning on the go.

Enable anywhere, anytime learning with a versatile and mobile employee learning experience. Brightspace is a modern corporate e-learning platform with a fully responsive design, which means your employees can connect with their learning anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Brightspace screenshots on tablet, laptop and mobile phone

4. Work with experts in learning science and engineering

Coming from twenty years of experience, D2L is on an unwavering mission to transform learning. We’re committed to helping you, your organisation, and your employees succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing marketplace.

Connect to learning experts.

Provide your people with 21st-century technology that enables learning in the flow of work. Our team of data gurus, learning scientists, and engineers will help you achieve your learning and development goals by transforming business learning into business success.

Illustration of climbing a mountain

Start with your own unique success plan.

Help improve employee engagement, boost learning retention, enhance employee productivity, and maximise the return on your learning and development investments with a plan tailored to achieving your specific learning and development and business transformation goals.

Screenshot of drag and drop upload feature within Brightspace

Build skills and courses effortlessly.

Make learning experiences effective and engaging for all your employees. Our team of instructional designers will help you build engaging courses and align activities with skills in order to build mastery.

Choose a partner that truly cares.

Know that you are the center of our design and development process and a critical member of our development team. We care about your goals and your business and understand that when you succeed, we all succeed. For that reason, Brightspace is built and continually enhanced through your feedback.

Monthly product updates incorporate ideas directly from our customers.

Customer input and feedback are incorporated at every step of the Brightspace product development process, from early ideation to early access.

Brightspace on laptop and mobile device

Ready to engage your workforce?

More than just a VLE, Brightspace combines the tools and support you need in order to offer a great experience for learners.

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