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Brightspace for Schools

Brightspace is the virtual learning environment (VLE) for schools that care deeply about ensuring all students reach their potential. With Brightspace's intuitive learning system (also known as LMS) developed by D2L, schools can deliver unique and engaging learning experiences for every student.

1. Exceptional experiences and outcomes

Discover innovative ways to engage students, creating both exceptional experiences learning and outcomes. Here’s how Brightspace makes it happen.

Make exceptional the goal.

Better student engagement translates into better completion rates, graduation rates and test scores. Motivated learners take ownership of their education, and work hard to overcome those barriers and achieve success in and out of the classroom. Let’s light the fire.

Motivate your learners with relevant feedback.

Looking for an easy way to provide your learners with timely and contextual feedback and assessments? In-line annotations, assessment hub, grade book, mastery view, video and audio feedback, and amazing rubrics within Brightspace make it easy for you to assess any type of activity, including electronic and paper submissions and observational assessments in the class and within the field. Using our mobile app, you can even grade assignments and give feedback on the go.

Brightspace on laptop, phone and tablet - Class Progress, Portfolio and Pulse
Cartoon image of boy and girl with video icon

Build personal connections with video.

Brightspace lets you use video to create a more dynamic and interactive classroom learning experience. From within our VLE system, you can search and share videos and access off-the-shelf content to bring lessons to life. Now imagine using video to deliver personalised feedback to learners, giving them the chance to practice and build their communication skills. As they say, the medium is the message.

Brightspace Portfolio in laptop

Let them show off.

Watch your learners’ eyes light up as they share their progress, reflections and learning experiences with you, their classmates and their parents. Brightspace gives instant recognition to learners, such as the portfolio tool, built in badges and certificates. Providing all the encouragement learners need to stay motivated and engaged, Brightspace is more than just a VLE platform. What parent doesn’t love to see their child’s accomplishments on display?

2. Equity for all students

Every learner is unique. Can you really reach all of them? Yes, you can. With Brightspace, full inclusion and equitable access for all learners are achievable goals.

Support learners of every age.

Your learning platform should not be a one-size-fits-all solution for all school grades. Brightspace grows as your learners grow.

Funster on tablet

For your nonreaders and early readers, Brightspace offers age-appropriate icons and “Funster mode,” where little ones can capture their experiences in their Portfolio.

Self-enrollment in supplemental courses.

As your learners become sophomores and seniors, Brightspace offers them more advanced features and functions, such as virtual classrooms and the ability to self-enroll in supplemental courses.

Cartoon of hands with books in them

Reach every learner in your class.

Brightspace gives you all the tools you need to reach every learner in your classroom. With the ability to make all courses accessible and by providing you with multiple options for differentiated instruction, such as competency-based learning (CBE), Brightspace empowers you to engage with all your students.

We align with global accessibility standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AAA standards, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the WCAG Checklist and Section 508 VPAT. This commitment to universal design for learning means our platform is designed with accessibility in mind and is interoperable with assistive technologies.

Brightspace on multiple devices

Reach learners from the bus stop to the basketball court.

Snow days? Out-of-town game? No problem (and no excuses).

Brightspace can be accessed from any mobile device or desktop browser, so your learners can learn from anywhere and at any time. Our top-rated apps and responsive designs are inspired by thousands of design sessions with learners and teachers and are verified to work on any device.

3. Create meaningful connections with parents

With Brightspace, communication between parents and teachers can experience a dramatic improvement.

Offer parents a window into the classroom.

Brightspace makes it easy for you to communicate with parents in a timely and meaningful way. Streamlined teacher/parent or guardian communication is shown to positively impact student outcomes and academic performance, can result in fewer behavioral issues, and is tied to higher graduation rates.

Share your students’ work with family and guardians in a single click.
Give parents a direct window into classroom schedules, course lessons, assignments and completion status, grades, announcements and events.
Pass along your reflections, feedback and teacher comments.
Accessible from any device so even the hardest-to-reach parents can stay in touch.
Learner Outcomes Progress, Brightspace screenshot on tablet

Foster meaningful conversations and learner independence.

A growth mindset is embedded in how we designed Brightspace Parent & Guardian. When families are more informed, they can engage in more meaningful conversations using the language of growth and discovery. Instead of asking their children, “What happened at school today?” they can ask questions like, “Do you need help preparing for the math test tomorrow?” and “Can I read over your essay on Hamlet?”

Brightspace also encourages learner independence by enabling young learners to easily set goals, understand their progress, benchmark themselves against the class and plan for the week ahead—teaching them valuable skills they’ll be able to take with them for the rest of their lives.

4. Give teachers the tools they love

Using one integrated learning platform, your teachers can focus on what they do best, rather than mundane tasks.

Find more time in your day.

Brightspace takes on the burden of many administrative teaching tasks, and brings new efficiencies to your day so you can find more time for quality, one-to-one student and parent interactions. With Brightspace, you can focus on what you do best—inspiring young minds.

Drawing of a desk with computer, lamp and books

Use Brightspace as your virtual assistant to send reminders, alerts and personalized feedback to your learners.

Automatically release remediation or enrichment content based on your students’ achievements and progress.

Easily create and use rubrics.

Use Brightspace QuickEval to provide relevant and timely feedback including in-line annotations on all your assessments, across all courses, with one assessment hub.

Align learning standards with assessments and lessons in just a couple of clicks.

Screenshot of drag-and-drop feature

Easily create learning content.

Brightspace is a delight to use. It allows you to quickly build courses and create content on a single page. Our built-in templates are beautiful, mobile-friendly and fully accessible. They offer the perfect starting point for creating educational content.

  • Seamlessly add existing content from publishers, district-developed content, third-party storage services and Open Education Resources.
  • Copy courses from year-to-year or course-to-course within seconds, including adjusting all the dates automatically.
  • Easily apply your chosen pedagogy, including competency-based learning, active learning and gaming.
Class Progress screenshot in Laptop

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your entire classroom.

With Brightspace, you can zoom in on student activities with a click and manage each learner’s journey. Use the virtual assistant within Brightspace to send reminders, open remediation or enrichment pathways, or use in-the-moment personalized feedback to provide that extra nudge to keep learners on track and on task.

5. Worry-free technology

Enjoy peace of mind—even on the first day of school. You may just find your support team playing Solitaire. 😉

Brightspace screenshot on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Allow them to learn from any location and any device.

Brightspace is the only leading learning management platform designed from the ground up for mobile, with beautiful apps and responsive design to work on any device. Our mobile experience is based on thousands of design sessions with students and teachers and is optimised to keep learners on track while on the go.

Cartoon of school

Say goodbye to downtime.

With Brightspace, we consistently deliver 99.9% uptime and the industry’s best architecture for disaster recovery. Even our monthly updates and enhancements are delivered without downtime. This means no headaches for your IT staff and a flawless experience for learners and teachers. Updates are predictable and within your control. You decide when to turn them on.

Blend seamlessly with your technology ecosystem.

Brightspace builds and maintains the critical core of the VLE system, while enabling you to build around the edges.

In order to create a unique learning experience, you need a digital confederation of tools, content and applications to be dynamically connected through open standards and APIs. Unlike other platforms that can be “walled gardens,” Brightspace offers open-source code libraries and standards-based integrations, so your data, downloadable data sets and timely insights are incorporated into your normal workflows.

Cartoon image of lock on globe

Count on industry-leading security.

With an impressive track record of security leadership, D2L is the only leading learning platform company that is ISO27001- and ISO27018-certified and part of the Cloud Security Alliance.

Stay in control of your data.

Brightspace is built with privacy by design as a core principle and conforms with GDPR, PIPEDA and other privacy standards.

6. More partner, less vendor

Take full advantage of D2L Europe’s 20+ years of expertise to achieve student success and your strategic goals.

Brightspace Portfolio screenshot on desktop

Work with a customer-driven company.

With Brightspace, you can rest assured that your input matters. Our virtual learning environment is built with customer feedback, and the platform is continually enhanced through thousands of design sessions with learners and teachers. Feedback is gathered through advisory boards, user research, communities of practice, conferences and events.

We’re so much more than a learning management vendor.
We’re your partner.

As experts in education and pedagogy, we’re committed to supporting you in ways you might not expect from a technology provider. And we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

We offer a broad variety of services unique to the edtech sector. Your D2L support team can include a Customer Success Manager, Advisory Consultants, Learning & Creative Services, Instructional Designers, Technical Account Managers and Data Gurus to help you optimise the use of the Brightspace platform and achieve your learning and business goals.

We’re experts at implementation and will give you peace of mind both as you get started and throughout your journey.

Our in-house Learning & Creative Services team will help you enhance your learning materials for blended and online learning to maximise engagement, responsiveness and accessibility. We can also help you build and launch online courses and programmes that take advantage of the latest strategies in learning design.

We’ll build you a success plan aligned with your unique goals, tailoring it to improve adoption, engagement, outcomes, completion rates and completion rates.

Brightspace core on Laptop and Phone

Ready to reimagine learning?

More than just an VLE, Brightspace Core combines the tools and support you need in order to offer a great teaching and learning experience for students and teachers.

Get started on Brightspace Core