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Morning sky scene with the sun just starting to rise Scene 1 environment including a cozy staff kitchen with a toaster and a plant to the right of it Illustration of Elaine with her morning coffee

A Day in the Life of Elaine—an Instructor at a University

Meet Elaine, an Instructor at a University.

Elaine’s main priorities are:

  • Improving the student learning experience—looking at both engagement and student satisfaction
  • Having enough time to do everything that she needs to do

Let’s look at Elaine’s day and how she uses the Brightspace platform to achieve these goals.

Sun starting to come up behind buildings Elaine's desk, chair and computer Elaine getting ready to grade student work using Quick Eval Computer screen image with the Quick Eval tool in Brightspace

Morning: Grading student work and providing thoughtful feedback as efficiently as possible

Elaine has quite a few assignments to mark. She wants to get through them as quickly as possible and work first through the ones that have been sitting the longest.

  • She opens Quick Eval in Brightspace, knowing that she’ll be able to power through the assignments that she needs to assess.
    • This is one central place for all the assignments that she needs to mark. She can sort and filter to work through them in the order that is best for her. It’s easy for her to see what she needs to do first.
  • From within Quick Eval, Elaine has all sorts of assessment tools to provide meaningful feedback.
    • Rubrics provide an easy way to show students what they’ve done well and where they need to improve. Using Brightspace for rubrics is faster and easier than using paper assessments.
    • She can use annotations to mark up the assignments with comments, sticky notes, and markups.
    • Elaine even leaves a few video-based clips, providing feedback with a short recording of herself. Closed captions are automatically added to each comment created with Video Note.
Sun starting to come up behind buildings Scene environment with Elaine's computer and he coffee resting on the desk Elaine carefully examining which of her students might need extra help Computer screen image showing Elaine's classes' progress

Late-Morning: Identify students that need extra support

Elaine then looks at how her students are doing. She knows that early intervention to support her students can make a big difference in their success.

  • She can easily see how students are progressing and can drill down into specific individuals using the class progress dashboard. It’s easy for her to pinpoint who might benefit from a quick check-in to see how they’re doing.
  • Elaine also has virtual assistants that she can use to send reminders, open remediation or enrichment pathways, and personalize feedback to automatically help keep students on track with the right nudge at the right moment. She has one set up to send a friendly note to students who look like they’re struggling and it encourages them to visit her during office hours.
Skyline of a city with the sun raising At Elaine's desk once again Elaine attending an online professional development session On screen are her colleagues with whom she is attending the session with

Noon: Level up with professional development

Over lunch, Elaine participates in a professional development session organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning that focuses on Universal Design for Learning. She wants to make sure that she can reach every student and be as inclusive as possible.

An early afternoon sky above the rolling cityscape At Elaine's desk Elaine proudly showing off the module she just built Elaine's hard work building modules in Brightspace is on display

Afternoon: Create a module for next week

After her lecture, Elaine has a few minutes of spare time. She wants to create some new content in her course to highlight current events. With Brightspace, building new content is easy.

  • Using a built-in template, the new content looks polished right from the start. It’s beautiful, mobile-friendly, and accessible to her students—especially her students who are visually impaired.
  • Elaine can seamlessly add the content she loves from a variety of sources.
    • She adds some content from third party tools she uses every day, then integrates district-developed content, and follows it up with some videos from the web. She even drags and drops in some content that is on her desktop.
  • She knows the content can be built to be accessible to everyone.
    • Using the built-in accessibility checker, Elaine sees that she needs to update the font color. She quickly fixes it and feels confident that every learner can access her new content.
  • She easily creates a quiz, using the intuitive quiz-builder, so that students can test their new knowledge. In Brightspace, Elaine can create new questions just as fast as she can type.
  • Elaine loves how providing the content via Brightspace leaves more time for lively discussion. Her students can review the content ahead of time and they can dive right into a class discussion tomorrow.
City skyline in the mid afternoon At Elaine's desk Elaine conducting a lively discussion seminar with her students Her students appearing on screen during the video lecture

Midafternoon: Get students engaged in a seminar discussion

Elaine opens up her afternoon seminar. Prior to the session, she had shared a video lecture on today’s topic. The students watched it ahead of time and they jump right into a lively group discussion.

City skyline with the sun starting to decent Elaine's living room with a big comfy couch in the middle of it Elaine relaxing on the couch and wrapping up some loose ends from earlier today

End of the day: Wrap up loose ends

Elaine decides to wrap up a few odds and ends while relaxing on the couch. She used to feel that her workload was never-ending, but since her university started using Brightspace, she finds she can get through her tasks more quickly.

  • Midterm assignments are due next week, and Elaine adds a friendly reminder to the Activity Feed on the Brightspace course homepage. She also adds an article that she saw in the news today that ties into the coursework they’re studying this week.
A clear, starry night sky In Elaine's bedroom Elaine getting a good night sleep thanks to Brightspace!

Bedtime: Enjoy peace of mind

Elaine sleeps well at night.

  • Students can access Brightspace whenever they want to. With a system that consistently delivers 99.9% uptime, Elaine knows that students will be able to access Brightspace anytime—without interrupting her downtime.

    • They can upload assignments, review course content as they study, or plan ahead by looking at their schedules—all without Elaine having to do anything.
  • Elaine knows that her students’ data is secure and protected. Using a system with operational practices based on industry-leading security and privacy standards, she doesn’t have to worry that her students’ data is at risk.

    • D2L doesn’t just rely on Amazon Web Services. It has an impressive track record of security leadership. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. D2L is a leader in the industry with ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications and is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance.
    • We understand that privacy is not just about keeping your data secure with our encryption while it’s in transit and at rest in our cloud. You own your data and you control it. D2L is a leader in building software with privacy by design as a core principle and supports compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and other privacy standards.
Brightspace screenshots on laptop and mobile

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