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Brightspace LMS for Higher Education

Millions of learners and instructors in educational institutions around the world count on the Brightspace learning management system (LMS) to deliver worry-free technology that helps put learners first. Enhance your teaching success and improve learning outcomes by partnering with D2L’s learning experts, to improve your higher education offering.


1. Worry-free technology

Do you want a secure, reliable learning experience that works consistently on any mobile device? You’ve come to the right place.


Reduce complexity (and stress levels).

Start of the semester? No stress. End-of-term exams? No sweat. The Brightspace Higher Education LMS provides you and your college and university learners with the ultimate in learning flexibility coupled with industry-leading security and superior uptime.


Offer anywhere, anytime learning – on any device.

Meet the needs of today’s on-the-go learner. Brightspace is designed for the mobile world, meaning the platform can be accessed from any mobile device for a true anywhere, anytime, any device learning experience. Our beautiful apps and responsive design are inspired by thousands of design sessions conducted with learners and instructors from around the world.

Brightspace responsive platform in tablet, laptop and mobile phone
Cartoon image of a school

Realise awesome uptime.

Give your faculty and learners a rock-solid and reliable learning platform. Our platform consistently delivers 99.99% uptime and our architecture is the best in the industry for disaster recovery. Even our monthly updates and enhancements are delivered without downtime, guaranteeing you and your users a reliable service.

When updates do happen, they are completely predictable and totally within your control. Brightspace allows you to decide when to turn them on, keeping you in control of your own LMS system.


Easily integrate into your IT ecosystem.

Blend Brightspace with your unique IT ecosystem and create the ideal digital confederation of tools, content, and applications. Unlike other “walled garden” LMS platforms, Brightspace is open and includes source code libraries and standards-based integrations. This open approach means you maintain easy access to your data through APIs, can download critical datasets, and can incorporate timely insights into your day-to-day workflows.

Globe with lock overlay cartoon image

Rely on world-class security.

Our users’ security is of paramount importance to us, which is why we have taken vital steps to provide the highest level of security with our Brightspace platform that we can.With an impressive track record of security leadership, Brightspace by D2L is the only leading higher ed learning platform that is ISO27001- and ISO27018-certified, guaranteeing our users maximum protection. We’re also a proud member of the Cloud Security Alliance.


2. Put learners first

You’re driven to help your learners succeed. So are we.


Personalise learning.

Ensure all learners reach their full potential with personalised learning from Brightspace.

Allow learners to learn on their terms, proceed through content at their own pace, and access learning from any device.

Easily deliver personalised feedback to keep learners motivated, on track, and engaged.

Guide a learner’s mastery of subject matter and core competencies.


Encourage collaboration and community by making it easy for learners to connect, participate in forums and discussions, and view each other’s profiles.

Use portfolios to reflect on learning, showcase growth, and celebrate achievements.

Identify and track high-risk learners and let Brightspace proactively alert you when to step in and offer help.


Provide next-generation accessibility.

The Brightspace learning management system is built using the most current accessibility standards, and is inspired by D2L’s culture of inclusion and the belief that disabilities should never pose an obstacle to learning.

Cartoon image of desktop

Fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AAA standards and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, 1973.

Built-in accessibility checker for content, quizzing, and discussions.

Our accessibility strategy is informed by our Brightspace Community’s Accessibility Interest Group.

D2L is a long-standing member of the National Federation of the Blind’s Strategic Nonvisual Access Partnership (SNAP) program (now the Centre of Excellence in Nonvisual Access (CENA)).

D2L is a participant in the Competencies Development and Review Committee of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals as well as the W3C Silver Community Group formulating a new version of Accessibility Guidelines, and a member of the Ontario government’s Post-secondary Education Accessibility Standards Development Committee.


Motivate learners to achieve.

Keep your learners on track, engaged, and stress-free.

Release Conditions screenshotSend positive reinforcement and helpful, friendly messages to keep learners motivated and moving forward.
Content Progress screenshotAllow learners to see their progress and access their grades whenever they choose via classroom dashboards.
Personalized Feedback screenshotProvide timely and personalised in-the-moment feedback to encourage engagement and retention.

Give your modern learners a modern learning platform.

Connect and motivate modern learners to succeed with an engaging and social learning experience.

Create engagement with video, game-based learning, virtual or augmented reality, and adaptive competency-based learning.

Reward progress and accomplishments with gamification, awards, and badges.

Allow learners to virtually collaborate and interact with their instructors and peers through discussion forums.


3. Enhance teaching success

Built by educators for educators, Brightspace will make you more productive and save you time while improving your students’ learning experiences.


Focus on what’s important:
Teaching and supporting your learners.

Brightspace makes it easy for instructors to complete common tasks such as:

Giving feedback on assignments.
Automatically releasing new content or courses.
Creating and using rubrics.
Posting announcements and assignments in an activity feed.
Dragging content directly into a course.
Quizzes screenshot on laptop

Select a platform that will grow with you.

Just getting started with Brightspace? No worries. Feel free to explore the platform at your own pace, and get started with simple features such as drag-and-drop content and a quiz builder.

And if you are a power user, we’re ready to support you as well. Brightspace’s advanced features include fast rollover to the new semester with auto-adjust for dates, personalisation of feedback with automated messages, and quick setup of group activities and virtual assistants.


Offer learners efficient, timely, and meaningful grading and feedback.

Quickly assess your learners’ work and provide feedback across all courses from Brightspace’s centralised assessment hub.

Provide contextual in-line feedback with the Annotations tool.

Access rubrics on your mobile phone to assess learners in the field.

Provide in-the-moment personalised feedback via audio and video.

Brightspace Activity Feed

Keep learners informed and engaged.

Give your learners the information they need to succeed and one place to receive updates with the dynamic activity feed found within the LMS. Easily post announcements, links to content, and assignments on a single page without having to juggle multiple tools.

Screenshot of Brightspace Drag and drop tools

Continue to use your favorite classroom tools.

Continue to use the familiar tools you and your learners love. Build and incorporate content from Google Docs™, YouTube™ videos and weblinks—and then drop it right into your course.



4. Improve learning outcomes

Inspire your learners and motivate them to take ownership of their education.


Keep your learners on track.

Quickly see early indicators of learner engagement, easily spot those needing help, and intervene early.

Access meaningful classroom insights to spot at-risk learners and to monitor student progression toward learning outcomes.

Check what learners already know (or don’t know) so you can deliver the right content and questions at the right time.

Automate reminders to provide a helpful nudge or inspire learners to reach their full potential.

Cartoon image of speech bubble

Personalise your feedback.

Send personalised feedback to learners using automated, scheduled messaging based on specific criteria, for instance, submission of an assignment or passing a quiz.

Brightsoace screenshot on desktop

Create engaging content, fast.

Quickly create engaging course content incorporating video, virtual classrooms, game-based learning, awards, and badging.

Not quite sure where to start? D2L’s Learning & Creative Services team can help. They’ll work with you to review and enhance your existing course modules, apply best practices, and help you build custom homepages and engaging HTML templates.

Brightspace Portfolio on Laptop

Showcase your learners’ learning.

Boost learner confidence and engagement and give learners an easy way to demonstrate their learning and showcase accomplishments to faculty, peers, and employers by using portfolios.



5. Partner with a learning expert

Engage with D2L’s experts education and pedagogy. We’re committed to supporting you in ways you might not expect from a technology provider. And we’ve been doing it for 20 years.


Let us help you connect the dots

Optimise your use of Brightspace and achieve your learning and business goals with the help of our Advisory Consultants, Learning & Creative Services Consultants, Instructional Designers, Technical Account Managers, and Data Gurus.

Begin with a success plan unique to you.

Realise your institution’s goals, broaden LMS adoption, and improve learner engagement and goals. We’ll develop a success plan aligned to your institution’s unique goals and geared to helping you address your strategic and tactical needs.

Cartoon image of mountain

Work with a customer-driven company.

Engage with a company that puts its customers first. Our customers are at the center of our design and development process and the most important members of our development team. Brightspace is built with customer feedback and continually enhanced with thousands of design sessions with learners and faculty representing hundreds of educational institutions.

Monthly product updates incorporate ideas directly from our customers.

Customer input and feedback are incorporated at every step of the Brightspace product development process from early ideation to early access.

Brightspace screenshots on laptop and mobile

Ready to reimagine learning?

More than just an LMS, Brightspace combines the tools and support you need to offer a great teaching and learning experience for students and faculty.

Get started on Brightspace Core