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Your Online Training Solutions Partner

Drive employee development and retention with best-in-class online training

If employee retention isn’t already a top priority, it should be. Voluntary turnover has increased by 88% since 2010 in the U.S. alone and cost American employers over $600 billion in 2018.[1] The biggest cause? A lack of career development. Deliver training that gives employees the professional advancement opportunities they’re looking for, so they can grow with your organization. As your online learning partner, we’re here to help you succeed.

Prepare learners to put their newfound skills to work—fast.

Learn more about preparing learners to put their newfound skills to work—fast

Work smarter, not harder. Do more with your expertise.

Learn more about working smarter, not harder

Create a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Learn more about creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent

device cluster for perpare learners

Prepare learners to put their newfound skills to work—fast.

  • Give learners the real-world knowledge they need to be successful. Deploy video assignments, interactive role plays, and game-based training so employees can build their skills and demonstrate improvement over time.
  • Build and demonstrate skills mastery. Transform courses into competency-based offerings by aligning competencies with content, triggering next steps based on performance, and using multiple assessment methods.
  • Hone skills with meaningful assessment. Easily enable existing employees to share their unique expertise and feedback using video, audio, and inline annotations.
device cluster for work smarter

Work smarter, not harder. Do more with your expertise.

  • Get a system that everyone can use—facilitators, trainers, IT, and executives. Drag and drop content from third-party repositories and sources you commonly use and want to share.
  • Plug into your unique ecosystem. Brightspace supports open standards and APIs, which means it can work seamlessly with the tools you already use.
  • Push the boundaries with smarter reporting. Monitor performance so you can identify skill gaps and performance trends, and then act to meaningfully improve training over time.

device cluster for create a culture

Create a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

  • Deliver anywhere, anytime training. A fully responsive design means people can go at their own pace and learn on any device—in the office, on location, or on the go.
  • Give employees the training they need to stay competitive. Deliver learning tailored to their roles, needs, and goals, and let them lead their own experiences by searching, discovering, and self-enrolling in courses.
  • Create a thriving learning culture. Give learners badges and awards to showcase achievements and encourage social learning that keeps employees connected with their peers.
Brightspace for Corporate in Device

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Our learning platform includes all the tools and support you need to create an engaging learning experience for your members.

Learn more about the Future of Work and Learning

Future-proof your workforce with skills mapping

While the skills an employee walks through the door with are important, it’s also crucial to manage how they develop skills throughout their career with your organization.

Download the eBook about how to future-proof your workforce with skills mapping

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[1] 2019 Retention Report